Easy Budgeting Tips During a Crisis

Managing money.

I am all about easy budgeting tips that make saving money simple and effortless. And, I know this is something a lot of families need right now especially during this crisis. My practical savings tips can be put into action right away to help you stretch your budget and make your dollars go further. I…

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3 Ways to Boost Cash Back Rewards When You Shop

I’m all about saving money. In fact, I never pay for anything without searching for a coupon, comparing prices or haggling first. But, I don’t just focus my bargain hunting efforts on saving money–I also look for ways to make money when I shop, too. That’s right, there are several easy ways you can make…

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7 Shopping Mistakes You Make Over and Over Again

Shopping at big box store

Believe it or not, it’s easy to make mistakes when trying to save money. Especially when it comes to shopping for deals. One of the biggest areas you are likely making a shopping mistake is associating certain stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon and Costco for having the best prices. And, these misleading perceptions can fool…

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How to Manage Your Money During a Pandemic

woman is stressed about money

I recently joined Cheddar to talk about how people can budget and manage their money during this pandemic (you can watch the segment by clicking the image above!). With businesses shutting down and workers losing their jobs, it’s more crucial than ever to understand your own financial situation and create as much wiggle room in…

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Cheddar, Couples and Money

Did you know, 1 in 5 divorces are related to money conflicts? It’s so unfortunate to know that many marriages unravel because of financial fights. The good news is, knowing how to talk about money in an open and positive way and how to deal with debt can help you overcome many relationship hurdles. Andrea…

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8 Ways to Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Following the hefty spending season, you may be feeling financially drained, especially when the credit card bills begin arriving in the mail. Didn’t realize just how much you spent? This can be a startling moment when you see the total dollar amount charged to each account. Now that the holidays are past, it’s a good…

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