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From family budgets to saving on groceries, I’ll share secrets with your audience they can take all the way to the bank.


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Many middle-class families are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to find ways they can stretch their dollar without sacrificing their dreams.

With my financial expertise and experience reaching women who are looking to build a better life for their families, I craft unique tips your audience can put into action right away.

I help families all over America reach their financial goals — both day to day and for the long term — with snackable content that get them excited to tune in.

Here are just some of the money-saving topics that I can develop for your media outlet:

How to create a monthly budget — and stick to it

How to get closer to saving for your family vacations

The best day to shop for groceries and save money

What to do when you regret making a big purchase

The right mortgage for your family

Ways to find the right health insurance for your family

How to slash your medical bill and prescription costs

...and so many more!

Ways to boost your credit score

How much kids really cost

How to create a financial emergency plan for your family

Reach out to discuss your media engagement and I’ll develop customized content that speaks to the heart of the problems your viewers and audience are facing.