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Budgeting isn't a diet

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Hi, I’m Andrea Woroch, budgeting expert. Let’s face it, us busy moms don’t have time to sit down and work on a complicated budget spreadsheet that requires a PhD in math.

That’s why I break down the basics of budgeting, complicated financial topics, and everything in between into snackable tips you can use right away.

Holiday Budget Planner

Save for the things that matter

Without giving up the things you love

Download the Holiday Expense Tracker and easily track all your holiday trimmings!

Cut money

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Get off the financial hamster wheel

As a crazy-busy mom of 2, I know the drill: you’ve got a lot on your plate — and you need to figure out how to make your dollar go further. Don’t fret, friend! I’ve got your back.

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As a money-saving expert working with top media for 10 years, I know what producers and journalists are looking for. I develop campaigns that gain media exposure.



Your audience is hungry for budgeting tips on everything from groceries to college savings plans to health insurance. I’ll share my trade secrets with your audience!


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Getting to know the ins and outs of appearing on TV can be complicated. I’ll guide you through booking media and creating an image that stands out from the crowd.


Holiday Budget Planner

Your family deserves to live their best life

I show you how you can do it for less

Download the Holiday Expense Tracker and easily track all your holiday trimmings!