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Good Morning America: Tax Deductions

Could you be missing out on a bigger tax refund? Good Morning America’s Rebecca Jarvis chats with Andrea about how much money consumers are leaving on the table and reveals some oft-overlooked tax deductions that may surprise you.

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TODAY Show: Skinny Mirrors

Ever notice how you look better in a new garment at the store compared to when you bring it home and try it on in front of your mirror? The reason might be due to the store’s use of a Skinny Mirror, a product designed to make customers appear 5 to 10 pounds slimmer. TODAY’s Jeff Rossen investigates and seeks Andrea’s take on this tricky retail strategy.

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WGN Chicago: Tips to Save on Gym Memberships

Getting fit tops resolutions for many Americans, but sadly most New Year’s goals fizzle after just three weeks. The cost of gym memberships can be prohibitive, especially when you’re locked into a contract you don’t end up using. To finally make fitness a part of your lifestyle without draining your budget, Andrea offered her tips for saving money on gym memberships and more with the WGN Morning News team.

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KTLA: How to Handle a Holiday Debt Hangover

Your head aches. Your stomach feels ill. While these are often symptoms of a late night out, they’re also associated with the feeling you get when you open your credit card statements after a busy holiday season of spending! Holiday debt hangovers are afflicting consumers across the country this month, so Andrea shared her tips to help ease the pain with KTLA Morning News.

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MSNBC: Hassle-Free Holiday Returns

Dec. 26 is one of the biggest shopping days of the year as consumers head to the malls to return gifts that missed the mark and use their merchandise credits to purchase what they really want. Andrea shared her top tips for hassle-free holiday returns with MSNBC.

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WGN Chicago: Tips for Returning Christmas Gifts

December 26 represents a big day for retailers as consumers scramble to the stores to make returns and use gift cards to purchase items for themselves. Andrea offers her top tips for returning items during this hectic shopping day, and how to get the most out of your merchandise credits.

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