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Generic vs. Name-Brand Household Cleaners

The average American family spends on average over $600 a year on housekeeping supplies, or approximately $50 per month. Most of us gravitate toward the name-brand goods, but these products do more than clean our homes — they’re cleaning out our wallets, too!

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Flash-Sales: Real Deals or Real Hype?

Among the flurry of discount sites and apps introduced to tech savvy shoppers, the flash sample-sale craze has us going ga-ga for luxury brands. But, do these sites promote real deals or is it all hype? Here’s a closer look.

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Don’t Forget to Return to Redbox

If you’ve ever rented a DVD through Redbox, you know it is an affordable and convenient movie rental service. The big crimson kiosk offers a wide selection of revolving movie choices from action to comedy to family flicks including new releases. You can make an easy payment via credit or debit account by simply swiping…

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Top 10 Tips for Smart Holiday Shipping

You know it’s the holiday season when the post office has a line out the door and you find yourself using anything you can find as packing material! Shipping gifts in time for Christmas can put an unexpected dent in your holiday budget. That’s why I’ve compiled the following 10 tips for smart holiday shipping!…

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Why Stores Care About How You Look in the Mirror

The fitting room is the ultimate stop in your shopping pursuit–it’s where real decisions happen. If the clothes you pulled off the rack fit and you like what you see in the mirror then you are probably going to go home with a new outfit. How you look in the mirror, however, isn’t just a question you’re asking yourself. Stores ask that question, too.

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8 Rules for Budget Fashionistas

I’m on a spending freeze for the next few months as my budget recovers from my recent wedding and honeymoon. So far I’m doing pretty well, but I’ll admit I’ve been tempted by the latest fall fashions that continue to flood my inbox. I’m a sucker for boots and cozy oversized sweaters, but my wardrobe…

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