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8 Rules for Budget Fashionistas

I’m on a spending freeze for the next few months as my budget recovers from my recent wedding and honeymoon. So far I’m doing pretty well, but I’ll admit I’ve been tempted by the latest fall fashions that continue to flood my inbox. I’m a sucker for boots and cozy oversized sweaters, but my wardrobe…

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7 Easy Ways to Get Coupons & Discounts

I learned something about DSW’s coupon policies this past weekend that helped me save big bucks! I was there with my mom and told her about my previous experience with the store, and how the clerk told me I’d already used my birthday coupon when in truth, I had not. I wasn’t able to use…

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Tips to Start & Grow Your Emergency Fund

Though having a rainy-day fund seems like a no-brainer, 1 in 4 Americans claim to have higher balances on their credit cards than in their savings accounts. Some believe their already tight finances won’t allow for an emergency funds, while others simply don’t see it as a priority. Unfortunately, events like job loss, car trouble, home repair…

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Free Shipping Day Helps Last-Minute Shoppers

If you didn’t get the memo, today is Free Shipping Day: over 2,500 online retailers are offering free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve and most extend the perk with no minimum order plus an added percent off to help last-minute shoppers get gifts in time for the holiday on the cheap. Big-name retailers…

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9 Strategies for Secure Online Shopping

According to a study by IBM Coremetrics, the number of consumers shopping online in November will increase 15 percent over the same time last year. All that clicking means thieves will have more opportunities to steal your identity and your money. Fortunately, playing it safe isn’t that difficult. Browse these nine tips to help you…

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10 Smart Ways to Save on Cell Phones

Cell phone plans are the new markers of inflation. What once cost under $35 now easily soars over $100 with data plans, texting and unlimited minutes. About those price-gouging mobile plans. Cutting costs on a decent one seems like a near impossibility, but a few careful decisions can make your investment worthwhile. Read on for…

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